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    ·˚⊹ welcome·˚⊹

    Welcome to Hermione Art!

    Hello and welcome to Hermione Art, my corner of the internet! I've always wanted to make a website, and now I finally did it. I got the motivation looking at all the old style websites in the "indie web".

    I really love being creative and constantly trying new things, but I never got to show them to many people. I'm planning on updating the website whenever I can with new artwork, writing and experiements.You can check that out over at the creations tab

    Navigation is at the top of the page. Feel free to look around my website and sign my Guestbook before you go!

    ·˚⊹ 2022.08.15·˚⊹

    I did a bunch of work on the site in the digital art section and I made a credits page! I'm pretty happy right now, and I'm still feeling excited all the time for no reason! I have lots of plans for the sites. Byeee